You Just Need Brain!

you think, doing business is like playing angry bird

Dear Geng Bas Sekolah;

1. you think, doing business is like playing angry bird?
2. think again, if you lose in business, there’s no restart button. Losses is actual.
3. playing angry bird, can use just one hand
4. doing business must use both hands, both feets and your heart
5. of course it is not the end of the world when you feel tired in business
6. it is hard, but take it easy lah…
7. I wonder, who on earth teach doing business is easy
8. Like “aku tak mau kerja, penat. Kau lain lah, buat bisnes, senanglah”
9. Run a business, yes, can make you fortune, but not an easy job
10. Think again when you want to start a business.
11. You don’t need capitals, you just need brain.
12. Go belajar first before terjun into a business
13. I’ve seen friends crying because kena tipu, hilang modal etc
14. When I asked them, what book you read, or who is your cikgu bisnes
15. They say, they don’t have
16. Wow, I really wonder how gamble they are ….

Like you all will care je baca post ni …..

hahaha …

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